#SGSD #Confession 1208

Me and my bf used to love each other and were in relationship for past 6 years. His parents are not wiling and doesnot want him to marry me. He left me 2 years back that his parents are not will. And thn v both moved on he got engaged. He thn came bck to me 8 months back that he cannot live with out me and wants to marry me at any cost . And wants to fight the whole world for him and me. Wel he took a stand told his parents and his fiance. Every one was upset but his parents said go and marry her but then dunt keep any relationship with us. Then last week the whole of hia family knew amd all started insulting him and started looking at him with disgust that he being engaged is saying so. He lasly txt me that i m sory i fought but i failed. My family wont exept u with open arms and life wil be hell for both of us. I told him that common its just a strt of a vry difficult step u hav decided to take thing wil b back to norml aftr few years u just stand by ur descusion. But he didnot listen to me and said u do not understand the situatuon at my side. And left me once again . I was so shoked and felt so disrespected . That once again he left me with same old reason. Can u all tell me is he justified in wat he said?? Shall i forgive him for wat he has done to me?.i want to take a revenge frm him and dunt want to see him hapy ever… plz help meeart_drawing_love_heart_confession_girl_31597_3840x2160


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